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Calgary Cleaning Services – Realible Cleaning Services

Posted on 16 December 2010


Calgary Cleaning Services



Cleaning service CalgaryExpert Cleaning Services will show up on time and do a spectacular job, backed by our 100% customer satisfaction Guarantee!!
Are you looking for the best cleaning service company in Calgary, with over 60 years of experience, we’ll do a great job, show up on time
and give you our customer satisfaction guarantee!

We are a premium cleaning service company that has been serving Calgary and area for over 60 Years. Our goal is to go beyond customer satisfaction and give every customer a positively memorable experience.
Whether you’re looking for cleaning services,  carpet cleaning, blind cleaning, area rug cleaning, stone & tile cleaning or upholstery cleaning, our company does it all.

Our technicians are highly trained in all areas of cleaning. Our goal is to go beyond Customer Satisfaction and give every customer a positively memorable experience. I personally guarantee your satisfaction with any of our services:

We offer the following services:

Our mission is to provide you with the most outstanding service experience possible. If you are not completely thrilled with the service you receive from our company, we will rush back to your location at no charge or obligation to remedy the situation.

Contact us today or go to our estimate page for a free quote!

Thank you for coming to our site and contacting Expert Cleaning Services- the best Cleaning Service in Calgary.

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Calgary Cleaning Services, cleaning service

Cleaning Services Calgary

Posted on 09 October 2013


Calgary is a perfect example of where you come across all the hum drums of a city life. In other words, life is quite busy here. You often find yourself involved in so many productive works that it seems quite impossible to take time out for non-productive tasks such as cleaning. However non-productive, but we all understand the importance of keeping our surroundings clean; It is undoubtedly essential to our living, as we would never want to expose ourselves and our family, to an environment that is hazardous for life and health.
Cleaning-Services-Calgary-ABIgnoring or piling up cleaning activities becomes a base for germs to thrive around us. In case adequate care is not taken, a house/office where things are littered and dust is settled everywhere, where molds, insects and rodents find a perfect surviving ground can be dangerous to anyone. You would think twice before being in such vicinity, but just take a little time to think if your house is adequately clean!
Cleaning Services in Calgary should not just be a set of words for you, in case you are not able to devote time towards a daily cleaning routine. Go ahead and type them in your search engine and you would be amazed to see the number of responses that appear. These are words that would help you solve all your problems pertaining to inadequate cleaning. You will be relieved to see that Cleaning Service Calgary provides you with an array of cleaning services. Go ahead and take trouble in finding a good cleaning company provider online.

A good company providing cleaning services in Calgary, will customize the services according to your needs.

Whether your cleanup process is tough or light, they should have a plan for every case. They should be equipped for providing specific or occasion based cleaning services, such as, regular carpet cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, blind & drapery cleaning, tile & stone cleaning etc. The experts providing cleaning service in Calgary, would strive towards giving you a perfect clean up so that you end up calling them again and again as and when the need arises.
A simple background check of the cleaning company through the BBB is also a must as you would never want dishonest people, who might take advantage of your situation, to work inside your house. It is always better to opt for an insured service provider of cleaning services that to be faced with disappoint later.
Calgary is a hub of all kind of services businesses, where life is quite scheduled and so contacting the  help of a professional cleaning companies in Calgary will always be a great choice for you.

Expert Cleaning Services in Calgary at 4536 Manilla Road S.E., has been serving clients in the Calgary area since 1952, is an accredited BBB member company, and would be a good choice in hiring an honest, professional cleaning services company for your carpet, oriental rugs, blinds & draperies, or tile cleaning needs.

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Industry News

Oriental Carpet Cleaning in Calgary: A Special Kind of Tender Love and Care

Posted on 03 October 2013


Since ancient times, the East has supplied the West with valuable exotic treasures like spices, silk, and Oriental rugs, to name a few. At present, these rugs, crafted by centuries of tradition in places like Persia and India, still possess their own kind of beauty. Of course, to preserve that beauty, regular cleaning and maintenance is indispensable. For master carpet cleaner Randy Pierce, however, cleaning Oriental rugs is easier said than done.

A quick guide to Oriental rugs

Long before carpets were industrially produced with the help of machinery and polymer coatings, they were painstakingly handcrafted. Some of them, in fact, still are. Both modern and traditionally manufactured carpets are made of silk, cotton, wool, and other natural fiber sources. This variation, however, poses a challenge when carpet cleaning in Calgary, particularly when it comes to identifying the proper cleaning method for specific materials.

This is why carpet cleaners like Expert Cleaning Services ensure that they have the right kind of cleaning solution for the right rug. For example, they would tell you that it’s ill-advised to use a brush or beater bar head when vacuuming handmade rugs since the delicate natural fibers can be ruined with application of mechanical force. Pierce suggests a plain nozzle for vacuuming, and occasional use of a power brush.

Pierce also explains a quick way for Calgary carpet cleaning services to identify a handmade Oriental rug. This is usually based on certain important factors, particularly on the number of knots in every square inch (KSI) in the rug’s construction. An authentic Persian rug can have around 200 to 500 KSI; while a Chinese rug can have up to 1,000 KSI. Carpet cleaners also pay attention to the individual features of Oriental rugs. Pierce says an authentic Persian rug is warm to the touch, as opposed to the cool touch of an artificial rug.

One downside of handmade rugs is that they tend to wear out quicker than synthetic rugs and carpets because their organic materials are more susceptible to the ravages of nature. For example, Turkish rugs use natural dyes derived from flowers and insects, which can fade with constant and frequent exposure to sunlight. While restoration may address the problem of color fading, the rug may never look like the same exotic article handcrafted by the early Easterners.

Overall, handmade Oriental rugs need a special kind of tender love and care compared with artificial ones. An artificial rug or carpet can be remade, but part of an exotic rug’s authenticity will be lost once it sustains damage from inappropriate cleaning or maintenance methods. It’s for this reason that it’s better to call a rug and carpet cleaning service, rather than attempting to do the cleaning yourself.

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Industry News

Working with Cleaning Services in Calgary for a Tidier Home

Posted on 19 September 2013


Lauren Barr’s housekeeping advice column for the Calgary Sun, which was published last March 16, suggested that it can be good for kids to help out with house cleaning tasks. The secret lies in helping children realize that cleaning does not have to be a tedious chore but can instead be a fun and engaging activity. For tougher stains and more complicated clean-ups, however, you will no doubt need professional cleaning services in Calgary, such as those provided by the aptly named Expert Cleaning Services.


The article goes on to suggest that parents should view cleaning from the perspective of a child. Quite obviously, certain adult-sized fixtures such as drawers and closets may be out of reach for kids. As the column suggests, you can make cleaning a lot easier for your kids by assigning them simple containers such as lidless bins and baskets. The column also adds that parents can make routine cleaning tasks more enjoyable by singing along with their little ones.

There can only be so much mess that a family can clean on its own, however. As the article further posits: “Messes will happen, this is just a part of life.” Kids can be quite rough when it comes to playing, and cluttered toys might just be the least of your worries.

One of the most important things parents often forget is that kids can’t just magically learn on the spot how to clean up after themselves. Children who are just beginning to learn the ropes won’t necessarily have an inkling as to what constitutes proper cleaning. Parents should not expect a thorough job from the get-go but should instead offer easy-to-follow examples or instructions and provide encouragement as they go along.

Curious young ones will no doubt cause the occasional spill or stain, and it can be a great nuisance to find your favorite rug or stylish wallpaper smeared with a stubborn mark. If this happens, avoid chastising your kids severely and instead educate them about how they can avoid making terrible messes. The column even goes so far as to suggest that parents teach their kids about the value of de-cluttering by giving away an old toy every time they acquire a new one.

Kids have every right to play and enjoy their childhood. Yet they must also learn the importance of cleanliness at an early age. Instill good cleaning habits in your children and leave the hardest cleaning tasks to professional Calgary cleaning services such as the aptly named Expert Cleaning Services.

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blind cleaning, Calgary Carpet Cleaning Blog

Calgary Blind Cleaning Services Has A Big Impact

Posted on 14 August 2013


Blind-Cleaning-Services-Calgary-ABWhen it comes to drapery and blind cleaning in Calgary, you must ensure that the blind cleaning services you choose are capable of cleaning all types and varieties of blinds. The best blind cleaning services around Calgary will be able to restore your blinds and drapery’s in a manner that their colors and texture looks rejuvenated. Lined as well as interlined drapes are prone to shrinkage so find the cleaning service which assures you of no shrinkage at all. Blinds, drapes, shades, and valances require periodical as well as timely maintenance and cleaning. So for these, hiring a professional cleaning service makes more sense, since they can not only make your drapes, blinds and accessories looking as good as new, some cleaning services also offer a take-down as well as re-hang service.

Fighting everyday to get rid of dust from your blinds & draperies could really be tiring job? Well, you need to relax and do some change on your cleaning methods. We know that household cleaning is part of our daily chores and it to the fact that it is our regular work. Cleaning of blinds and draperies is badly needed to do for us to maintain the cleanliness of our homes, in fact blinds and draperies add colors and harmonious attraction to our home and we should maintain the cleanliness of our blinds. Dusting everyday is also a monotonous way of cleaning the blind. There are new ways to clean and do blind repairs. The ultrasonic way of cleaning the blinds are easier than doing the traditional dusting method. Why? If you use house cleansers like brushes for scrubbing, dusters for dusting and many more, it takes a lot of time and you will not remove100 percent of the dirt on your blinds and it results also in more damage to your blinds and draperies. What are the damages you can get from using the conventional methods in cleaning? Well, household cleansers can remove paint and stain; another is that when you use a steaming method, it may ruin your blind or drape. To avoid scratching, damaging or pitting your blinds then get rid of the old ways of cleaning blinds. It is time to shift to super, safer and ultrasonic way of cleaning your blinds. Why the cleaning professional? Professionals in your town are trained and they are dependable in cleaning blinds. There are a lot of advantages you can get from using blind and drapery cleaning professionals. Not just that they are on time and gives quality work but they also give the guarantee of their work and services. How to find them? You can search the Internet or check the BBB. It is time to relax and feel comfortable while your blinds and drapes are professionally cleaned.

In conclusion, blind and drapery cleaning reviews should play an integral role in your decision on which cleaning service you will hire to clean your window coverings. Read reviews from multiple sites to gauge the cleaning services reputation and track record. No service is perfect and mistakes are bound to happen, but they should be rare and addressed immediately to satisfy the customer. In this day in age there are too many resources available to you to simply hire out of blind faith; do your homework prior to making a hiring decision to ensure positive future results. You should, of course, read numerous reviews on multiple websites to gain an overall picture of the company as not to rely on the opinions of a few disgruntled or overenthusiastic customers only.

Expert Cleaning Services in Calgary is one of the blind and drapery cleaning companies that have been serving customers since 1952 and have a A+ BBB rating. They would be happy to talk to you regarding your cleaning needs and can also take care of your carpet and rug cleaning needs as well. If your in need of cleaning give them a call.

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Industry News

Restoring Flooded Homes with the Aid of Cleaning Services in Calgary

Posted on 30 July 2013


A June 24, 2013 article on the Calgary Herald notes the return of roughly 65,000 Calgary residents to their devastated homes after suffering the worst of heavy rainfall. Much of the city still remains flooded, and many homes are partially submerged or completely swamped with floodwater. The critically flooded areas of Inglewood, East Village, and Mission are still inaccessible to the original residents, displacing about 10,000 people.

Those 65,000 allowed to return will have a lot of cleaning up to do; their homes and all the furniture within will no doubt be waterlogged and caked with dirt. The worst could be the basements, which could still be filled with floodwater and other nasty contaminants. Citizens with gravely water-damaged houses should call upon cleaning services in Calgary, like Expert Cleaning Services, to help them restore their homes back to good condition.
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